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Real ‘Concrete’ Benefits for Concrete Pavements

While many parking lots today are asphalt, there are many benefits to having a concrete parking lot.

Concrete Pavement Benefits Include:

  • Lower maintenance costs over the long-term
  • Lighter in color, which results in lower temperatures for the parking area during hot summer months
  • Lighter in color also results in lessoned lighting costs as you can eliminate 3 out of 10 light fixtures and still have the same level of lighting Concrete pavements can carry heavy loads without rutting or developing potholes
  • Concrete parking lots can be colored and textured to meet the owner’s desires
  • Concrete parking lots are green – runoff is low toxicity and cooler than asphalt and the concrete can contain recycled materials that can yield LEED credits
  • Over the typical 20-year life of a parking lot, concrete will have very little maintenance expense compared to that of asphalt.Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.29.36 AM


Concrete paving makes sense for many applications. While all projects vary, certain protocol exists on all concrete applications to ensure customer satisfaction and job integrity for long lasting results.

Contact us today as we’d be honored to help you with all of your concrete paving needs!

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