Restriping Needs to be Done Right – Here’s How

You’ve seen it before. You’re driving through a parking lot that has been restriped the WRONG way. You start to pull into a parking spot, but it’s wet. The sun is angled in such a way that you see the old stripes nearly as clearly as the new strips. Perhaps the parking lot even went from perpendicular striping to angled striping to have parking become more efficient. But – today’s weather and sun position makes you unclear as to what is a parking place and what is not.   Some pulled in straight, going by the old striping. Others pull in at an angle.

The bottom line: It’s a inefficient mess. 


The Solution is Line Removal Done Right!

To do this, you need lines COMPLETELY removed using either sandblasting or “bead blasting.” We do both, of course!  We can tell you what works best for you.

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