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Save Money with Parking Lot Maintenance

While it is the property owner’s obligation to keep the premises reasonably safe through regular inspections to identify and repair dangerous conditions and defects, Firemans Contractors are the “Contractors You Can Trust” to help make a practically impossible and overwhelming obligation more seamless in maintaining and repairing the surface.


Protect Your Investment

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  • Perform routine inspections of the paving surface to identify emerging cracks. For asphalt surfaces, a new sealcoat
  • should be applied approximately 12 months after the initial application, and then every 24 to 36 months thereafter.
  • Have parking lot repairs handled quickly to prevent the areas from getting worse (including sitting water/water drainage
  • concerns)
  • Replace failing joint sealant as quickly as possible as it’s the #1 cause of cracks and deteriorating concrete
  • Remove oil and automotive fluids as soon as they appear – even on seal-coated surfaces
  • Keep striping fresh and complete
  • Ensure adequate signage and ADA rules comply
  • Remove debris and trash to eliminate eyesores

Potential tenants normally react at the first impression they get of your property before they make any decision to acquire one of your apartments or shop at your premise. This is really not hard to understand as they are first greeted by the surroundings of the property, namely your parking lot, so a first impression makes a big difference in any effort to acquire and retain tenants, residents, customers and guests.

Doing so will heighten tenant occupancy, increase sales and provide reasonable safety with reduced liability concern for you and everyone that comes to your establishment.

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