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Parking Lot Maintenance

Maintenance Programs

Firemans Contractors through its professional services ensures no details are missed. In consultation with Firemans a complete annual maintenance program can be implemented that includes proper ADA compliance checks, ensure fire lane compliance codes are adhered to, parking lot striping, speed bump maintenance and traffic management, pavement markings, parking lines, wheel stops, asphalt repair,  seal coating, concrete repair, pressure washing, custom stenciling, no parking, one way signs or any custom marking signage you need on your parking lot.

All kinds of maintenance needs can be met through Firemans Contractors services.

Seal Coating

To keep the value of any commercial property at its prime, proper maintenance should be done regularly. Firemans Contractors provides a seal coat service to protect the life of the asphalt giving the property a fresh look and increase the life of the surface.

Pressure Washing Services

Overtime the walls of a building accumulate dust and thus discoloring the beautification of the building. Dust accumulation and polution can also discolor the markings on the parking lots. Firemans Contractors provides a detailed pressure washing service that can be tailored for commercial buildings and properties. Pressure washing can be arranged with your management team to do a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual maintenance agreement to maintain a beautiful outlook of your commercial property.

Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping involves services for all kinds of parking lots to comply with ADA laws & regulations, traffic control striping, line removal for new layout, stenciling, and firelanes to ensure local city requirements are met.

Parking Signage

Any kind of signs can be installed by Firemans Contractors services from regulatory signs, no parking signs, emergency signs, and custom signage with client tailored needs.

Speed Humps / Bumps

If you are considering having a safer parking lot then putting speed bumps in place is a good idea to prevent accidents by speeding motorists. Firemans Contractors has the expertise to install parking lot speed bumps/humps to enable a calmer traffic flow specific to your needs. Traffic bumps can be put in place around school areas, residential streets and parking lots. Materials used in these kinds of construction are long lasting, environmentally friendly, highly visible and emergency friendly.

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